September 2 2014, 1am

anyways time for bed so I can get up decently on time tomorrow o(-<

September 2 2014, 1am

Hello! Your Miriel cosplay is amazing and very pretty! I was curious as to how you made your hat for her though? I've been trying to make a witch like hat on my own but it never seems to look right

Ahh thank you very much ; v ;!! 

Sorry for the late reply! I didn’t have my computer handy to post the images etc but when I got to it I kinda lost track of the message;;;

The black part is like a heavy duty spandex? My sister used it for her super hero costume so I just reused it haha.The underpart is made out of another fabric probably suiting? But it was used from stuff I already had long ago. The metal parts are foam painted and covered in modge podge. 

The general pattern for the hat is one I referenced from most generic wizard hat tutorials. Make a circle, measure your head and trace it out of the circle (make sure you keep it in an oval shape so it fits your head right). Then, using the same head measurement, stretch a soft tape measure to the preferred length and measure around until you get a “pie slice” shape the width of your head. 

Once you have all the pieces cut out, sew the cone part together, then to the top brim fabric. Then, sew the top brim to the bottom brim fabric, and turn it right side out.

I used heavy duty interfacing to make the general “skeleton” of the hat (its like purse interfacing but doesn’t need to be ironed on) and reinforced it with wire I whip stitched into the rim. I added a second part similar to the cone pattern for the hat’s outer fabric cut shorter that I whip stitched a wire  ”spine” to for the top of the hat. To give it the shape I bent the wire and stuffed the hat to bend around the wire nooks. This is generally what it looks like inside: image

Once you finish making the “skeleton” and the “sock” fabric piece, slide the sock over the skeleton by folding the wire brim into a taco shape and shoving it into the hole. After you get it all in, slowly and carefully realign the pieces and unfold the wire back into a circle. Then, glue or sew the bottom brim of the sock to the inside of the skeleton’s cone section. Stuff the cone part, add some wig clips near the head hole for it to stay and tada!! You are done u v u